Performance Management

Your business relies on the Internet, milliseconds matter...

Drive business decisions and optimize performance between locations relevant to you

Internet Transit Sales

Internet Markets are Dynamic…

Increase IP Transit sales by understanding the competition and top prospects in any market

Situational Awareness

The Internet is Constantly Impaired...

Awareness of outages, cyber attacks and traffic congestion are critical for business continuity

For CIOs, Network Professionals and Product Management

It’s an endless challenge expanding Internet use while managing risks.

  • Entering new markets and expanding customer reach
  • Building brand value by optimizing customer experience
  • Managing emerging Internet performance trends and provider relationships

For Sales, Product Management, and Access Management

Understand the IP Transit Market

  • Identify qualified prospects by provider and ranked by opportunity
  • Global AS rankings with specific regional rankings at a continent, region, country, and selected cities
  • Understand customer and supplier relationships in the competitive IP Transit landscape
  • Identify and assess prospective peering relationships to reduce transit costs

For Security Professionals

Cyber Security is a complex issue, threats are continually evolving and the reliance on the Internet increases daily.

  • Detect Internet outages in real-time to ensure Availability
  • Validate that your network is engineered properly to withstand a cyber incident
  • Speed up incident response by focusing on critical networks and resources

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Recent Network Events

173 networks were restored in Ecuador starting at 06:07 UTC on April 21

17 networks were restored in India starting at 22:03 UTC on April 20

73 networks experienced an outage in India starting at 19:07 UTC on April 20

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