Marina Chen

Marina was most recently a professor and chair of the Computer Science Department at Boston University. Prior to that, she was the president of Cooperating Systems Corporation, a consulting services company that provided rapid software prototyping and technology planning for advanced research and development in academia and industry. Marina has also been an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Yale University. She serves on numerous committees in the research community, has been an editor at various technical publications and chairs conferences and workshops. Marina received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from California Institute of Technology and her B.S. in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University.

Jim Cowie

Chief Technology Officer, Founder

Jim has more than 20 years’ entrepreneurial and software development experience in high performance computing, network modeling and simulation, web services, and security. Prior to founding Renesys, Jim was a principal at Cooperating Systems, a consulting services company that provided rapid software prototyping and technology planning for advanced research and development in academia and industry. With a long standing interest in the Internet’s impact on security and collaboration since 1995, he authored the first web-based collaborative environment for cryptographic key factoring. Jim is the primary architect of SSFNet, the first open-source network simulation framework to support transparent parallelization and multiprocessor execution. Jim holds a B.S in computer science from Yale University.

Richard Leahy

Richard F. Leahy is a Principal and co-founder of Episteme Capital Partners, LLC, an investment management firm based in Rye Brook, NY. Prior to joining Episteme Capital Partners, Mr. Leahy was a co-founder and Principal of JWM Partners, LLC. Prior to JWM, he was co-founder and Principal of Long Term Capital Management. Mr. Leahy was with Salomon Brothers from 1976 through 1993, holding positions as Managing Director (1983) and co-head of the Mortgage Securities Department. Earlier at Salomon, he was the Product Manager of the Derivative Products Group. Mr. Leahy was also associated with Merrill Lynch & Co. from 1972 through 1975. He is a former Director of Liberty Brokerage Inc., as well as a past President of the New England Government Bond Club. Mr. Leahy received his B.S. in Economics from Boston State College and later attended graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania.

Andy T. Ogielski

Renesys Fellow and Chief Scientist, Founder

Andy has more than 30 years experience in the disciplines of Internet analytics, Internet protocols, wireless networking, network software systems, scientific computing, mathematics and physics. Prior to founding Renesys, he was a research professor at Rutgers University where he led multimillion-dollar government funded projects on scalable Internet modeling and simulation software for analysis of very large IP networks with detailed protocol implementations, and on high speed wireless networks. At Bell Communications Research, Andy built the first high-speed network packet traffic recording and analysis systems, fraud detection software, and network operations software systems. As a research scientist (MTS) at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ Andy was involved in research on complex systems, and in very large scale scientific computing, including designing and building a special-purpose supercomputer. Andy holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Wroclaw, Poland.

Ashton Peery

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Ashton is an experienced CEO, investor and high-tech consultant. Prior to joining Renesys, he was CEO of Top10 Media, a social media business with several subsidiaries, each of which was acquired. He is a former General Partner of Lucent Venture Partners, served as the Chief Strategy Officer and head of Business Development at Lucent Technologies, and was the Managing Director of GeoPartners Research, Inc., a thought-leading technology strategy consultancy. Early in his career, Ashton was a public television Producer, Director and Writer. He serves on the Boards of several early stage startups and a New Ventures incubator. Ashton holds an AB in Communications and an MBA, both with honors, from Harvard University.