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31 Mar Telecom Ramblings: Turks Take Internet Censorship Closer to the Mainstream
27 Mar CIO: Turkey Blocking Youtube in ‘Desperate and Depressing Move’
ABC News: Turks Tease Erodgan For ‘Helium’ Voice
24 Mar Bloomberg: VPNs Help to Circumvent Turkey’s Twitter Blockage
22 Mar The Washington Post: Turkey strengthens Twitter ban, institutes IP level block
21 Mar Voice of America: Turkey’s Twitter Ban Backfires as Millions Find Workarounds
20 Mar Mashable: Internet Blackout Sweeps Syria, Again
The Washington Post: Syria hit with a near nationwide Internet outage
13 Mar Information Week: 6 Lessons CIOs Can Learn From WhatsApp
03 Mar The Washington Post: Ukraine is in turmoil, but it’s still online. Here’s why.
The Christian Science Monitor: Where are the cyberattacks? Russia’s curious forbearance in Ukraine.
20 Feb Mashable: Is Venezuela’s Government Tightening Its Grip on the Internet?


13 Dec PropertyCasualty360: The Secret Travels of ‘Man-in-the-Middle’ Cyber Attacks
05 Dec Wired: Someone’s Been Siphoning Data Through a Huge Security Hole in the Internet
03 Dec The Christian Science Monitor: Cyber-security puzzle: Who is sending Internet traffic on long, strange trips?
21 Nov BBC News: Banks and governments ‘hit by net traffic hijacks
WIRED.CO.UK: Repeated attacks hijack huge chunks of internet traffic, say researchers
20 Nov AllThingsD: How Somebody Forced the World’s Internet Traffic Through Belarus and Iceland
NBC News: Where’s your data going? Hacks redirect traffic through distant lands Internet Traffic Following Malicious Detours Via Route Injection Attacks
The Washington Post: Researchers say U.S. Internet traffic was re-routed through Belarus. That’s a problem.
19 Nov Computerworld: Warning! Targeted Internet misdirection on the rise
31 Oct IDG Connect: Google shuttles DNS queries from Brazil back to US
CIO Magazine: Google shuttles DNS queries from Brazil back to US
09 Oct PCWorld: Syria’s largest city comes back online
01 Oct NBC News: Is the Arab Spring moving south? Violent anti-government protests hit Sudan
25 Sept The New York Times: Sudan Drops Off Internet on 3rd Day of Riots
The Guardian: Sudan internet cut off as protests erupt against government in Khartoum
Mashable: Sudan Suffers Complete Internet Blackout
The Washington Post: Sudan loses Internet access — and it looks like the government is behind it
20 Sept Reuters: U.S. to establish cable link to Guantanamo base in two years
17 Sept Market Watch: Never Mind, Iran: Facebook and Twitter Are Blocked Again
03 Sept Tech the future: Internet @ The Physical Layer
30 Aug The Washington Post: Syria’s largest city just dropped off the Internet
CBS News: Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, appears to lose Internet access
29 Aug Mashable: Does Syria Have an Internet Kill Switch?
28 Aug PC World: Hacker points Syrian telecom website to AT&T, T-Mobile
27 Aug CBS News: “Syrian Electronic Army” takes credit for hacking New York Times website
12 July PC World: America Offline: Can the U.S. be disconnected from the Net?
09 July The New York Times: Salons or Not, Cyberspace Is Still a Distant Place for Most Cubans
04 June CNET: Turkish users sneak past censorship of Facebook, Twitter
The Guardian: Turkish protesters using encryption software to evade censors
21 May The Miami Herald: Fiber optic cable linking Cuba to Jamaica active
TeleGeography: Jamaica branch of Cuba-Venezuela cable goes live
15 May NBC News: Syria hit with 8-hour Internet blackout
08 May InformationWeek: Syria Back Online After Internet Blackout
BBC: Syrian internet back after 19-hour blackout
CNN: Internet service restored to Syria
07 May NBC News: Syria goes dark again in widespread Internet blackout
15 Apr Gartner Blog: Gartner names Renesys as a “Cool Vendor” for their new approach to performance management
06 Apr The Economist: Shutting down the Internet: Thou shalt not kill
02 Apr NBC News: Anonymous claims it stole 15,000 user records from North Korea site
International Business Times: Anonymous Claims It Hacked North Korea Government Site, Stole 15,000 Passwords
31 Mar AdvertisingAge: How the U.S. Government is Screwing Up the War Against Cyberterrorism
The Economic Times: Bandwidth prices: Why we pay more of Internet services
29 Mar ABC News: Is the Internet O.K.? An Attack on a Spam Tracking Company and Cut Internet Cord Slows Down Speeds
Computerworld: Overhyped or not, the Spamhaus attacks are important
28 Mar The Guardian: Damaged undersea Internet cable causes widespread service disruption
IEEE Spectrum: Divers Caught Cutting Internet Backbone Cable
CIO Magazine: Sabotage suspected in Egypt submarine cable cut
Sky News: Divers Held For Cutting Egypt Internet Cable
27 Mar The Guardian: Undersea internet cables off Egypt disrupted as navy arrests three
Computerworld: Sabotage suspected in Egypt submarine cable cut
22 Mar The New York Times: Interview With Cuban Blogger Yoani Sánchez
20 Mar SC Magazine: South Korean corporations hit by widespread attack that wiped data and shut down systems
25 Feb Foreign Policy: The New Westphalian Web
22 Feb CircleID: IPv6: How Do the Top Ranked Tier-One ISP’s Perform?
14 Feb BBC: The Internet’s weakest links
07 Feb Committee to Protect Journalists: Eating a cable: Internet access still elusive in Cuba
05 Feb Investor’s Business Daily: Internet Blackout In The U.S. A Near Impossibility
25 Jan Voice of America: Cuba Experiments with Internet Speed, Not Freedom
The Miami Herald: Cuba confirms a fiber-optic cable from Venezuela is being tested
24 Jan The Washington Times: Report: Cuba using undersea fiber-optic cable
The Huffington Post: More Than Just a Cable
Global Post: Cuba internet: Wired, but not connected
22 Jan Reuters: Cuba’s mystery fiber-optic Internet cable stirs to life
PRI’s The World: Cuba Activates Undersea Internet Cable Line
21 Jan BBC: ‘Curious’ Cuban net cable has activated, researchers say
AP: Report: Cuba using undersea fiber-optic cable
20 Jan Computerworld: Cuba turns on submarine Internet cable, but just for one-way traffic
11 Jan Dark Reading: Monitoring Bank DDoS Attacks Tough Task for Third Parties