The Internet is constantly changing and often impaired in various locations around the world. Issues such as outages, cyber-attacks and traffic congestion can affect connectivity, traffic flow patterns and performance for government agencies and enterprises. Continuous monitoring to address such issues is critical for mission and business continuity.


Renesys Internet Health Portal provides unique visibility into Internet health to enable organizations—such as enterprise operations, economic development authorities and government agencies—to monitor and respond to critical issues.

Internet intelligence and situational awareness at your fingertips

The Renesys real-time sensor grid continuously monitors, collects, analyzes and correlates Internet routing data utilizing our Routing Intelligence® technology. The Internet Heath portal detects and reports the impact of networking events. Users have access to a real-time, interactive, graphic view of global network disruptions and outages to speed troubleshooting and enable an informed and rapid response to revenue impacting or security-related network problems or attacks.


  • Provides a single comprehensive view of the current state of Internet connectivity in selected geographic regions, critical infrastructure sectors and government organizations
  • Enables early detection and diagnosis of connectivity problems and security breaches
  • Enables rapid response by quickly pinpointing which network service providers are affected, to what degree, and in what geographic areas
  • Provides unprecedented insight into how a multitude of incidents are triggered by the same event, the geographic scope of an event and the potential root cause
  • Reports daily on those critical elements of infrastructure upon which enterprise depends