Market Intelligence

The best view of the global competitive landscape of the Internet

For Internet sales, business development, and peering professionals staying on top of continuous changes in Internet markets is challenging and time consuming work. Renesys Market Intelligence provides easy access to key intelligence to support all these needs.

Market Intelligence brings real time intelligence about the IP Transit business to your sales process and enables you to easily identify competitors, prospects and new market opportunities.

Develop Qualified Leads

  • Identify qualified prospects listed by provider and ranked based on their network diversity and service origination date
  • Global AS rankings with specific regional rankings at a continent, region, country, and selected cities
  • Understand customer and supplier relationships in the competitive IP Transit landscape
  • Identify and assess prospective peering relationships to reduce transit costs

Get Actionable Intelligence

  • Follow the daily news for your competitors, prospects, and markets directly from the Dashboard or via daily/weekly email updates
  • Research specific Internet Service Providers to see their Provider Profile, including Customers, Transited Networks and Internet Rankings by Market data categories
  • Providing the most complete AS rankings for the Internet with retail, wholesale, backbone, and peering rankings by region
  • Track recent IP address and network registrations to see what’s coming — new v4 or v6 prefixes and 2- or 4-byte ASNs