Routing Alarms

Protect Critical Operations from Costly Attacks, Disruptions and Damage

Doing business over the Internet leaves businesses highly susceptible to external forces. Downtime due to route hijackings can lead to significant financial losses and a breach in confidentiality, creating legal, regulatory and reputation risks that directly impact your business. Having insight “beyond the firewall”—and being notified in real time of potentially malicious or errant activities—is essential to assuring the security and uptime of important business processes.

The Routing Alarms API provides advanced notification functionality, which allows for the monitoring of large-scale networks. Configuration of Routing Alarms can be made through the user interface or through the import router configuration tool.

Routing Alarms

Network and operations managers rely on Renesys Routing Alarms to ensure smooth, uninterrupted operation of their Internet-based communications. The Renesys real-time sensor grid continuously monitors, collects, analyzes and correlates Internet routing data from hundreds of vantage points globally to provide the most comprehensive view of the Internet. In addition, our advanced analytics and historical database minimizes false positives, and speeds up problem resolution.


  • Provides real-time notification, via the API, of Internet events that impact communications and commerce
  • Minimizes false positives with our global BGP collection infrastructure and historical reference database
  • Provides insight and attribution to help fix problems and ensure network security and uptime
  • Enables organizations to monitor their networks for instability, policy violations, route hijackings and other service disruptions