Renesys | The Internet Intelligence Authority

Business Opportunity: A Double-Edged Sword

When business relies on the Internet, balancing performance and security is essential.

Companies of all sizes are increasingly moving critical business processes to the Cloud for global reach and to achieve economies of scale. However, reliance upon networks beyond a company’s firewall introduces new risks— targeted attacks, poor reliability and performance—and an overall blindness to problems and their causes.

Renesys brings visibility to the Cloud.

Renesys enables its customers to rely on the Internet without fear of unknown disruptions. It provides tools to alert on malicious behavior and unknown activities in the Cloud. Customers have transparency into real-time operations and interactions to assure availability and uptime of critical applications. Leading businesses use Renesys products and services to grow, protect revenue, maintain critical business connections and obtain a comprehensive awareness of how their business is connected around the world.

How it works

  • The global sensor grid collects and enables the analysis of all routing changes, worldwide, via live feeds from more than 400 sites around the globe
  • This real-time data is correlated with other data, including traceroutes, domain records, and geographic, business and other intelligence
  • A series of complex analytics are performed to produce multiple applications to address business analysis, network analysis and security analysis